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Date: MAY 18, 2020

Officers Role Call: - See attached

Members Present:

Distinguished Visitors: None

Last month’s Membership / House Committee Minutes:

Minutes from the last Membership and House Committee were distributed for members to read.  The motion was made by Dick Huff and 2nd by Karen Miller to accept the Minutes as presented.  Motion carried

QUARTERMASTERS REPORT:  This is Final                 

                        Checking Account:     $49,292.70                                         

                        Working Capital:        $44,926.31                             

                        Relief Fund:                2,180.00                                                       

                        Memorial Fund:          $1,400.00

                       Building Fund :            $12,647.13     

Motion made by Dick Huff, 2nd by Tom Selseth, to accept Quartermasters report.  Motion Carried.

GAMBLING REPORT: This is a Final                                         

                        Checking Account:     $44,033.49                             

                        Star Rating:                 40.15 %                      

Read and approved all monthly gambling expenditures.  Members present voted yes to the pre-approval of expenses as listed on form LG 1004, Lawful and Allowable Expenses.

Motion made by Herb Scattarelli to approve Gambling Report, motion seconded by Dick Huff motion carried.

Service Officer Report: 


PPP 45 M 8 week.

Bridge grant 10 M

Creating a covid safety plan to re-open. Mike Timm and Robin Cowell.

Take Lions clean up off calendar



Memorial Service ?

Motion made by Dick Huff, seconded by Leroy Ciesinski to have Ray, Mike, Herb to make covid decisions for the club until open as a group. Motion carried.

Motion made by Dick Huff, seconded by Tom Selseth to give Wealthwood trap team  $250.00 Motion carried.Funds are to come from Post.

Motion made by Tom Selseth, seconded by Dave Dahlquist change Auditor to Mayer Portey & Nelson, Motion carried.

Accepted donation from Kari Lynn Svoboda for lights and equipment.

Motion made by Dave Dahlquist, seconded by Herb Scattarelli to give $3,000.00 now upon final decision from Commercial Club. More may be offered depending on covid, Motion carried. Funds are to come from Gambling

Adjustments on food & drink prices based on cost deems necessary per Mike after discussion with Commander.

Will have bartender training on pour.

Held swearing in ceremony. Herb is to take over as of June 6th 2020 as Commander & CEO.

Asking MN Dept. of Revenue to move March and April taxes to June 22nd.



Commander read the General orders from the State Commander.

Motion made by Dick Huff, seconded by Tom Selseth  to adjourn, motion carried.

Next Meeting is June 15, 2020 6:00 P.M.


Karen Miller CPM


Garrison VFW Post 1816

23274 Monroe Street
Garrison, Minnesota 56450


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